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Choosing The Right Floor Covering for You.

Choosing the right type of flooring for your home is important. With the wide range of styles and floors to choose from, it might be quite difficult to decide on the exact floor you want and also if the product you would like is suitable for the area you would like for it to be installed. From kitchens and bathrooms to lounges and bedrooms, wooden, flooring has never been so versatile and adaptable to almost any location, any style and any budget.

When choosing a floor covering care should always be taken to ensure the product you would like is suitable for the area as there is many factors to take into consideration like the condition of the subfloor, If the area has a high level of moisture. We would recommend for satisfactory performance the floor must be free from dust and debris prior to installation, the surface must be cleaned of all foreign material that may be detrimental to the adhesion of the flooring. If patching or levelling is required a smoothing compound should be used to even out any undulations of a concrete floor or if you are installing your floor covering over a timber sub floor it may require a plywood underlayment to be installed before the installation of your new floor covering. 


Handling and storage of your product is important. Leave material inunopened labelled original cartons. When required boxes should be opened and materials acclimatised in the area to be installed at a constant temperature usually between 18°C and 27°C for at least 24 hours before, during and after installation. The installation of your flooring is straightforward and follows the same guidelines that apply to all quality manufacturers of floor coverings.


Good preparation is essential for a trouble-free installation. Most floor coverings can be laid on concrete, timber, stone and many other sub-floors which have been suitably prepared. Site conditions must comply with the relevant national regulations.


Following the installation your floor covering you should protect you new floor covering from heavy traffic for at least 24 hours and must not be washed for 48 hours. Always follow other manufacturers’ recommendations when using their proprietary materials for sub-floor preparation.

If you are looking for advice on what type of flooring to choose from or what’s best for you and your home please do not hesitate to ask us by either:


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